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Driver Shortage

The trucking industry has been experiencing a steady decline in qualified drivers for quite some time now and because of the seriousness of the situation, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association has undertaken an initiative to recruit foreign workers. This project has proven to be an enormous success and therefore our website has been visited from applicants throughout the world. In order to assist those who are interested in obtaining more information about our program, we have taken the opportunity to establish some guidelines that may answer some preliminary questions. For both Federal and Provincial regulations, we suggest that you visit: SINP: Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program and the Service Canada website.

Proposed Guidelines for Recruitment

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A SERVICE CANADA (formerly HRSDC) requirement is for an employee to submit a human resources plan - particularly when large numbers of foreign workers are being requested. As a guideline, your plan should include information that pertains to:

  1. Your recruitment efforts.
  2. Wages and working conditions
  3. Benefits
  4. Results of Union Consultation (if applicable)
  5. A sample of the employment contract
  6. Short and long term outcomes of hiring this foreign national
  7. Employee training and orientation plans
  8. Hiring practices and retention issues
  9. Letters of support from the community, if applicable.

The trucking industry is being hampered by a steady decline in long haul drivers. This trend has been significantly amplified by a few factors, one is the increasing number of baby boomers that are retiring and the second is the shrinking size of our current families as compared to the post war era.

In the fall of 2003, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) in partnership with Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program and HRSDC took part in a pilot program known as Immigrant Worker Nominee Program. To date this pilot program has been successful in bringing approximately 250 families to Saskatchewan, with the expectation to grow these numbers in the months to come.

Other Information Sources:

Companies Participating in the Program:

  • Siemens Transportation Group Inc.
  • Westcan Bulk Transport
  • Kelsey Trail Trucking

    Please note:

    STA does not provide hiring services for potential immigrants (please DO NOT send your resume to us). You must make contact with SINP, Service Canada and directly with a potential employer.