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Your Company Operates A Truck In Or Through Saskatchewan

Whether you operate one truck or a hundred, and regardless of the tasks they perform, you need the Saskatchewan Trucking Association working for you. Since 1937, the STA has worked vigorously for the economic interests of truckers and those allied businesses operating in Saskatchewan.

All Trucker Transport Driver Need To Be Informed

Today, every truck-operating business needs the Saskatchewan Trucking Association. All truckers must have knowledge about new rules and regulations, fees, size and weight changes, road bans and numerous other issues that affect their day-to-day operations. In fact, we are a clearing house for providing you with this important information.

What Is The Saskatchewan Trucking Association

The STA is a province-wide non-profit, non-political trade association that represents the interests of all types of private and for-hire trucking companies and firms who provide trucking-related products and services. The STA is the only provincial organization who speaks solely for the motor carrier industry. The STA is also the only Saskatchewan organization to be affiliated with the Canadian Trucking Alliance. STA members can benefit locally and nationally with access to the CTA's vast resources.

The STA offers courses in driver training and other required industry skills on a regular basis. Highway Agencies Ltd., a subsidiary of the STA can provide all industry-required insurance.

Saskatchewan Trucking Association Represents You

Since its founding, the STA has represented hundreds of members as a single voice at the Saskatchewan Legislature, and works continuously to represent the interests of its members before provincial and national departments of government. A Board of Directors and officers elected by the association membership governs the STA. To carry on the day-to-day functions of the association, the Board of Directors has employed a Executive Director and staff. They perform the services and respond to members' needs from the STA office in Regina.

STA Membership - A Necessity

There is strength in numbers. If you are not already a member, we ask that you join now to be part of the association that has been beneficial to you in the past and will continue to do so. There is no free lunch! Every day, the STA is working to improve the trucking industry in Saskatchewan. As our industry grows, more and more members are seeing real benefits from being part of a province-wide network committed to a strong and healthy trucking environment for all. For information on Membership Fees, click here.