Defensive Driving for the Commercial Operator

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This course is intended to better enable drivers to recognize the potential dangers in the driving environment, to recognize hazards and critical objects and respond before they become emergency situations.

Key Learning Objectives Include:

  • Principles of defensive driving
  • How to maximize the amount of driving information available through the driver’s vision skills.
  • How to improve hazard recognition skills
  • Principles of communication with other drivers
  • Procedures for safe vehicle operation
  • Speed management
  • Importance of space management
  • Emergency procedures
  • Evasive steering
  • Emergency maneuver problem solving
  • Skid dynamics
  • Skid recovery

Offered as a standalone knowledge course.

Pre-requisites: None

Language of Instruction: English

Course Calendar

Instructor-led in-person and video conference training is offered on a calendar schedule.

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Instructor-Led via Video Conference
1 day

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