Join the STA - Affiliates

Affiliate Members are unwavering champions of the trucking industry, and we, in turn, champion your company.

As an Affiliate Member, you gain access to STA's annual events, such as the STA Golf Classic and our AGM & Gala, along with a plethora of sponsorship possibilities.

Becoming an Affiliate Member with the STA is your initial stride towards expanding your network and enhancing your business. 

Why Become a Member of the STA?

Affiliate Members are dedicated champions of both the trucking industry and the STA. We're committed to being your well-informed brand advocate in return. Through our various trucking-related communications and active presence on social media, the STA is always eager to promote your brand, showcase your services, and assist you in reaching your target audience.

As an Affiliate Member, you'll have the opportunity to partake in STA's annual events, including the highlights of the year – the STA Golf Classic and the year-end AGM & Gala. These events bring together industry stakeholders, regulators, and advocates to celebrate the vibrant trucking community in Saskatchewan. Throughout these annual highlights, the STA presents a diverse array of sponsorship and advertisement opportunities.

Becoming an Affiliate Member with the STA is your initial step towards expanding your network and fostering business growth. Join the STA today and seize these opportunities!

Driving Your Advantage

Premium News Alerts

As a valued member, you'll gain exclusive access to bi-weekly updates through the STA Newsletter and other member-specific communications. Be the first to stay informed about crucial regulatory developments and other industry news that may require your prompt action or attention. Your STA membership ensures you're well-covered when it comes to industry news, thanks to our extensive network.

Promote your Company

Being an STA member means you're part of our Association! Share your promotional materials and company accomplishments with us, and we'll promote them across our four active social media platforms. Your business will also have opportunities to advertise in the Western Canada Highway News Magazine, which showcases the trucking associations in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. Published quarterly, this magazine reaches over 4,000 subscribers.

Premier Events

Sponsoring the STA's Premier Events (STA AGM & Gala, STA Golf Classic) provides an excellent opportunity to connect with potential customers and build relationships within the trucking industry.

Other Benefits

As an STA Affiliate Member, you'll be listed in our STA Online Buyers Guide, which is featured in the Western Canada Highway News. You'll receive a complete Carrier Membership list and opportunities to host complimentary webinars to educate the STA membership about your services. Our strength lies in unity, so join the STA today and contribute to the growth of the trucking industry in Saskatchewan.