Intersection of Highway 6 and 39 in Weyburn

November 10, 2021

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association has been asked to provide important feedback on potential improvements to the Intersection of Highway 6 and Highway 39 in Weyburn, SK.

Intersection of Highway 6 and 39 in Weyburn

This intersection has a poor crossing angle and is located on a curve in Highway 39, which creates collision risk. The Ministry has been looking at a variety of reconfiguration options to correct the poor crossing angle and has determined that the best solution is a two-lane roundabout. The roundabout has several major safety benefits, including:

  • Elimination of skewed crossing angle
  • Reduction in conflict points between crossing and turning traffic
  • Reduction in speed, resulting in fewer severe collisions 

It is understood that Highway 39 is a major trucking route from the US and that a roundabout will have to accommodate large trucks. The proposed roundabout has two circulating lanes and was designed with a large diameter of 61 metres. There will be a mountable concrete curb with apron to account for any off-tracking around the interior and exterior of the roundabout.

  • Accommodate NB or SB WB-21 side by side entering from Hwy 39, circulating, with one turning left or right to Hwy 13 or both exiting NB or SB to Hwy 39
  • Accommodate single NB or SB Modified WB-36 Long Combination Vehicle (LCV) entering from Hwy 39, circulating, turning left or right to Hwy 13 or exiting NB or SB to Hwy 39
  • Accommodate single EB or WB WB-21 or Modified WB-36 LCV entering from Hwy 13, circulating, turning left or right or exiting EB or WB to Hwy 13

All the above is to be contained within outer travel lane edges with no encroachment over splitter islands or central island. Desirably encroachment on the truck apron will be minimal for WB-21 and through and right turns for Modified WB-36 Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs). With the latter, there will be truck apron encroachment for left turns.

The dimensions and turning paths described above are shown on the attached “Truck Turning” pdf. The WB-21 is a 6 axle tractor-trailer with a total length of 25 m. The WB-36 Long Combination Vehicle is sometimes referred to as a “Turnpike Double” and has a total length of 41 m. This significantly exceeds the length of a B-Train and was selected to ensure oversize vehicles can pass through the roundabout.

This project is still in the planning stages and is scheduled for construction in approximately 2024 (subject to change). The design is able to be changed and improved from what is shown on the attached drawings. Please do not hesitate to provide any questions, comments, or concerns.

If you would like to provide feedback on the proposed changes, please open the Related Files (below) to view the proposed roundabout. Finally, you can send your feedback to 

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