STA Awards Three $1,000 Scholarships

August 11, 2022

The STA offers three annual scholarships of $1000 each to the applicants selected by the STA Scholarship Committee.

STA Awards Three $1,000 Scholarships

This year we had a lot of very great applications for some very worthy students and while we are disappointed we are unable to offer all these fantastic students one of our scholarships we wish all our applicants the best of success in their future studies.


We are pleased to present the scholarship awards to the following candidates:

Jerzy Orchard

The child/grandchild of the owners of Orchard Transport Ltd, Jerzy has been around and involved in the Transportation Industry their entire lives. Jerzy has been a strong leader in their community, volunteering their services and time to various community Food and Clothing Drives, the Saskatchewan Special Olympics, Minor Hockey, Bottle Drives, Community Landscaping Projects, and Local Disaster Relief – to name just a few. They enjoy the time spent volunteering and appreciate the impact that giving back has on their local community and intend on continuing to volunteer as often as they can. Jerzy will be attending Simon Fraser University this fall to obtain their degree with a joint major in Psychology and Business.

Jayden Baker

Jayden Baker graduated from Highschool in 2022 where they spent the last four years living away from home to play competitive hockey in Weyburn, SK, and focusing on their education. Their success in competitive sports has afforded them a position at the University of Jamestown in North Dakota as a Student-Athlete playing Division 1 Hockey while pursuing their Degree in Psychology. Jayden grew up as a child to a single-parent household and has learned the importance of a hard work ethic while working multiple part-time jobs throughout the summer; one of which is with an affiliated member of the STA - in order to save as much as they could to better fund their education without needing to rely as much on student loans or the financial support of their family. They have chosen Psychology as a degree because they have seen and understand the importance that mental health plays in all aspects of society and has a strong desire to help others through their own difficult situations and build a solid foundation of support for their mental health. 

Amy McLeod

Amy graduated, with distinctions from Michael A. Riffel Catholic High School in 2022. They have received numerous academic and leadership awards throughout their high school career. Amy has been very involved in their school, having spent the majority of their high school career navigating the pandemic and made it a point of pride to help boost the morale of their fellow students whom they saw struggling to deal with the effects of the pandemic. They organized, designed and distributed the school's senior spirit wear as well as helped to plan and organize various school spirit days and other activities designed to engage the students and improve morale. Amy participated in a project called That’s Possible theatre that paired students with other students who had intellectual disabilities to perform and put on a musical at the school's year-end. Amy will be attending the University of Saskatchewan with the hopes of obtaining their Masters in Physical Therapy to help others recover from injuries and accidents, a passion she discovered after some of her own family members experienced some serious injuries and other medical circumstances that required physiotherapy afterward. 

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