STA's Ewart Speaks on Transportation at Canada's Farm Show

June 29, 2022

Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) Executive Director, Susan Ewart spoke last week at Canada's Farm Show, hosted in Regina Saskatchewan. Ewart, who was joined on a panel by David Przednowek, Assistant Vice President Grain, CN Rail, and Kenric Exner, General Manager of Multimodal Logistics and Trade Execution, Viterra, had an enlightening conversation on the importance of transportation in agriculture.

STA's Ewart speaks on Transportation at Canada's Farm Show

Advancing Women in Trucking

Canada Farm Show Women in Trucking

In today's trucking industry, the makeup of professional drivers between men and women is widely disproportionate with only 3.5% of the driving workforce identifying as female.

If the truck driver workforce mirrored the gender representation of Canada's overall economy, there would be an additional 129,100 female truck drivers in Canada.

In the current context of Canada's ongoing supply chain challenges, the search for qualified transport truck drivers has become increasingly difficult--as the number of vacancies surged, with 25,560 vacant truck driver positions recorded from January - March 2022. These numbers have been published in the June 21st Statistics Canada job vacancy data.

With such high vacancies in the driver seat, attracting females to careers in trucking will be vital. Listen as Ewart discusses the importance of women in trucking.

Solving Trucking's Labour Challenge

Canada Farm Show Trucking's Labour Challenge
Trucking is changing and there are a lot of exciting and rewarding careers to be had. At the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, we have dedicated ourselves to getting out and promoting different careers in trucking to high schools. 

Not all careers start with four years in a classroom. 

Have a listen again to Susan Ewart as she talks about the perception challenge in trucking.

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