ChainSmart™ Level 1

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Develop your skills and increase your confidence in tire chain installation.

Course Content

  • 15 Chapters
  • 97 minutes play duration
  • Average completion time: 2hr 32min

Benefits of Taking ChainSmartTM Level 1

Whether you're a seasoned trucker with 30 years behind the wheel or a new driver just starting out - if you've ever been unsure about installing tire chains correctly, this course is for you! ChainSmartâ„¢ by Wolftrac Safety's online training course will teach you how to install tire chains confidently, in all conditions - making you a better, all-round safe driver!

Student Profile: Commercial Drivers who require safety training

Pre-requisites: None.

Language of Instruction: English

This online training course is delivered by ChainSmart™, a trusted Saskatchewan Trucking Association partner.

Student Self-Service, Online
2 Hours

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