Hours of Service with Logbook Guidance

| Commercial Driver Training |

This course is primarily based on Federal Hours of Service regulations, with notes regarding the variances within the Province of Saskatchewan.

Course Content

  • Hours of Service terminology
  • Understanding on-duty/off-duty time
  • Hours of Service exemptions
  • Compliance and penalties
  • Differences between Canadian and U.S. regulations
  • Logbook guidance

Benefits of Taking CSW

  • Increased understanding of HOS regulations
  • Guidance in how to ensure compliance with logbook completion

Admission Requirements and Prerequisites

Certification expires every three years.

Student Profile: Drivers, Carriers

Pre-requisites: None

Language of Instruction: English

Course Calendar

Instructor-led in-person and video conference training is offered on a calendar schedule.

Upcoming Opportunties

Instructor-Led via Video Conference
1/2 Day

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